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A gospel singer/songwriter, a visionary, Liberty also known as Desrick Miller is a Minister for the Lord. Born & raised in Jamaica. He always had a love for music and believed God had melodious stratagems subsequent for him. As a young man, “Liberty” would play the drums every Sunday at Sandy Bay Church of God in Jamaica until people got up on their feet and felt the Holy Spirit, sweat poured off his face and his well-ironed shirt would be drenched after the praise and worship ministry. The 30-year-old found his calling at a young age but wasn’t sure how to proceed with what seemed like only a dream. He later got married at age 21 to his wife Tanika Miller whom he shares 3 beautiful children. These God-given blessings solidified Liberty’s relationship with the Lord impeccably. With the support of his loving family and the guidance of “Abba Father”, he made it his mission to be more than just a worshipper of the Lord and to minister to others using his God-given talent(s). “I want people to think when they read my lyrics and feel when they hear my music”. “There’s more to this than what meets the eye”; God will reveal all, in time.

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